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A “good” website design means something more than it used to. It's now about function, how you deliver content to your audience and drive traffic through search marketing. Your website is the destination for all other online marketing assets. We need to make sure each destination is customized and optimized for different types of traffic.

Whether you are starting a business or redesigning your website, Brand On Marketing helps you create and reach your online vision.

Building or redesigning a website takes careful planning on the frontend of the project to translate your vision to the Web. We can guide you through the steps of the planning process to ensure your website becomes an effective marketing and/or lead generation tool for your organization. Brand On Marketing delivers strategic planning, compelling website copy, social media integration and search engine optimization.

We have experience implementing Content Management Systems (CMS) on multiple platforms. Brand On Marketing can work with your website design staff or we can perform website design and development in house. Our sites are optimized for desktop and mobile browsing and in most cases we implement responsive web design.

Content Marketing

We practice an inbound marketing model. It's about creating content that targets buyer personas. Your audience is made of individuals and businesses who are at different stages in the buying cycle. We'll show you how to:

  • Drive traffic to your website with blogging, social media, PPC and SEO.
  • Convert that traffic into leads using calls to action (CTAs)
  • Use offers to create marketing qualified leads.
  • Create a lead nurturing plan with email marketing

If you are interested in the inbound marketing model, please contact us today!


Our approach to Web copywriting looks to clearly convey what you stand for, and to consistently communicate your brand personality. There should be purpose to the copy you deliver on your website and it should simply tell your story.

Our copywriting philosophy starts with:

  • Writing words that your audience and search engines will understand
  • Telling a story from your own experiences
  • Choosing images that convey the message of the words on the page
  • Using keyword-dense copy
  • Focusing on brevity and flow

There's something unique about your business that your audience needs to know. It's less about what you do and more about who you are!

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Search Engine Marketing: SEO & PPC

Once we get you a great website, how will your target audience find you? Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), methods are the way to make it happen.

Search engine providers like Google, Bing and Yahoo use complicated algorithms to tie relevant Web content to everyone's search terms (keywords).

That's where we come in. Brand On Marketing gets your business in front of targeted searchers. Our search engine marketing strategies get immediate results while building organic search presence.

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